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The Problem as WeSEE it

The Nonprofit industry has been slow to adapt to the times and with government funding and individual funding from baby boomers on the decline, it is more important than ever for the social gap between Nonprofits and Millennials to be bridged so that we can work together to solve our world’s biggest problems.

WeSEE Movement offers a social media platform for social change that provides Millennials with an easy, measurable way to get involved. Unlike other nonprofit platforms, we are NOT just a donation platform. We are your impact counters, reaching past just how much you’ve donated, and focusing on how much impact your actions (donations, shares, likes, invites, etc.) actually have on the world. WE let you SEE your impact.

How will it help me? helps us solve the problems WeSEE in the world.

For People

  • Credibility and transparency to back your donations.
  • Understand the real impact of your actions (donations, shares, likes, invites, etc.).
  • Connect with your favorite Nonprofits and friends to keep up with the positive impact happening around you!

For Nonprofits

  • Network of Millennial world changers looking to get involved.
  • Analytic tools to better understand your social media efforts.
  • Easy donation processing and management.
  • Update & Message system for quick engagement.

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Official Launch: Spring 2018

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We hope to SEE you soon.